• I struggled with my weight for years and no matter what diet plan I followed, I could never lose more than a few pounds and soon after I would gain it back. It all made sense when Dr. Monica explained about my hormonal imbalance and the reason for my weight gain. Your treatment plan for weight loss is truly a very comprehensive plan that will help everybody lose weight. Thanks Elixir Wellness Centre and Dr. Monica for helping me lose 45lbs and feel great.

    Michelle W.

    Hanover Park

  • The only weight loss program that let me lose an extra 40 lbs was with your clinic. I have not been at this weight for the last 20 years. Thank you Dr.

    Linda K.

    Hoffman Estates

  • I used to count my calories and go to the health club 4-5 times a week and never lose any weight. Only at Elixir Wellness Center and with Dr. Monica’s weight loss plan I was able to lose 25lbs in 3 months. Thank you for your help.

    Rachael C.


  • Dr. Monica has erased about 10 yrs from my face!People are very surprised when they learn my actual age.Of course, it is necessary to hydrate your skin, eat nutritionally, drink lots of water & exercise regularly - if you want the treatments to work the way they're supposed to!Also, you must make a once/month commitment so the treatments will continue to work optimally. All in all, the benefits far exceed the cost!Dr. Monica is honest, gentle & caring. I'm so glad I found her!!! She ROCKS!

    Bobbi S.


  • After having the acupuncture skin treatment with Dr. Monica, I was amazed at how my skin showed a bright and healthy look. I had a youthful glow and firmness that I hadn't seen in a long time. People have noticed the change which is always a bonus. I would recommend this treatment!

    Erin S.


  • When I first came in, my face was red and rough. After only a few treatments I could see the difference! No more redness and my face is now much more smooth.

    Cynthia D.

    West Chicago

  • I came to see Dr. Frank Antikidis in early March of 2007 with shoulder and knee pain. After some preliminary exam, including x-ray, I found out that I had a rotator cuff disease. With the help of his wife, Dr. Monica I had acupuncture and an exercise program laid out for me. After several treatments my pain is almost completely gone.

    Harold D.

    Hoffman Estates

  • I started seeing Dr. Monica and Dr. Frank about a year ago. I had a pinched nerve in my neck. After a few treatments I was much better, my family Doctor just gave pain killers not much help but after seeing Dr. Monica I was feeling much better,…..no drugs. I still see Dr. Monica now for my hands, pain in both wrists, carpel tunnel and I feel better after each treatment. She has also helped me eat better and I am detoxing my body and I have more energy when I wake up. Dr Monica genially cares for her patient’s health inside and outside. She teaches you a better and natural way of to feel better and live a healthier life.

    Paula P.


  • I highly recommend this detoxification purification program to anyone that wants to lose weight and feel great. I have lost 25 Ibs and I am full of energy

    Talin H.


  • I came to Elixir Wellness for 2 reasons. 1) 3 areas of extreme discomfort pain. 2) a flyer from elixir Wellness that came in the mail at the right time. Therapy has improved my health and minimized pain in 3 areas dramatically. I have now graduated from weekly sessions to twice and one a month. I choose twice a month as I have a constant high stress level of life.. I highly recommend Dr. Monica and Elixir Chiropractic therapies as a vital component in a personal health in plan.

    Jeanne M.

    Hanover Park

  • Hi. I just wanted to provide a testimonial. Recently my relationship with my boyfriend ended I could not control my emotions at all; screaming, crying and eating uncontrollably. Unable to stop this behavior I went to see a recommended Medical doctor who used medication and injections. I lost 2 pounds but I started feeling more sick and depressed within a very short time frame. I wanted to try something natural and permanent but I was confused and with so much advertisement over the internet, I was hesitant to say the least. I found about Dr. Monica over the internet frankly, and I was hesitant as well in the beginning. She offered me a complimentary consultation and she was exceptional, very professional, and a great listener. She proposed a detoxification program to start so I can cleanse my body from toxins and unbalanced hormones which where detected from a saliva laboratory test. I decided to do it; it lasted 21 days and I was receiving acupuncture 2 times per week to control my cravings (which lasted 1 week), my emotions, and my sanity! I felt great; my energy went through the roof, and after the second week my weight started going down, fast. She recommended that it was the time to do the oral hcg diet which lasted 4 weeks and 2 days. Now, 77 pounds lighter I feel I have a new calling in life and a new coach; Dr. Monica. I am sad about the loss of my relationship, but I am happier that I can go back to work and function as a member of society again. And if I continue to look after myself then who knows what the future will hold for me. I want to Thank you Dr. Monica for this powerful treatment. I am more than grateful.

    Cynthia M.

    Rolling Meadows

  • Dr. Frank worked diligently to get me out of pain as quickly as possible. He kept me informed throughout the process and not with medical mumbo-jumbo but in plain English so I knew what I was going on every step of the way. I am truly grateful that I came to see Dr. Frank. He has made such an impact on my life by fixing my lower back pain. I feel like me again. Thank you

    Kristine P.

    Hoffman Estates

  • I am happy to be part of your collection of comments regarding your excellent service. It was your personal outreach ( door to door introduction of yourself and your services) which brought me to your office. I am 70 yrs old and had just receives my first cortisone shot to help manage the pain of constant bursitis. Within a very short time the nagging pain had returned and I decided that a visit to your office would be in order. Both the office staff and the doctors in attendance were professional and took their time to listen to me as I shared my concerns and my hopes that the pain of bursitis in my shoulder could be managed.

    Within weeks after my first visits experienced the relief that I was hoping for. The doctor gave ma series of exercise to help me stretch my shoulder muscles. Part of the treatment considered a massage and manipulation of muscles and bones which over the years had “lost their place”. I was introduced to resistance techniques and had to smile when the doctor informed me that I was expected to let him win. After a few months of therapy ( no drug involved) I continue maintenance using the stretching and resistance techniques suggested by Dr. Antikidis and I am very happy to say that I have full range of motion and enjoy full participation in my daily life.

    Tom R.

    Hoffman Estates

  • I first began to suffer from allergies at age 14 and since then I think I have tried one of the widest ranges of treatments: from traditional medicine, including years of allergy shots, to various “alternative” therapies. I went to see dr. Monica in desperation, since I had never experienced significant long- term relief, but if I had known acupuncture was going to be part of her treatment, I probably would have walked right out the door. Luckily I did not because never before have I experience such rapid relief and good success. Acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation are just two aspects of the holistic approach Dr. Monica takes toward medicine. She encourages a lifestyle that allows the individual to take charge of his/her own health and my allergies symptoms have been greatly reduced as a result!

    Brenda T.

    Hoffman Estates

  • I am 60 years old. I have been taking arthritis medication since I was 25 years old. When I came to my chiropractor, in the middle of January 2011, I was hardly able to walk. I had arthritis in my right knee and a bone spur on the inside of my left heel. Seven months prior, I had been seeing a foot doctor. He gave me a cortisone injection for the pain. The next day, I went to my arthritis doctor. He gave me a sugar test and it was over 500 resulting in no more cortisone injections for the pain. This was last December (2010). Also, 5 years ago my left knee was replaced. When they did the replacement of my knee, they straightened the leg out which made that leg about ½ inch longer than my right. This caused me to walk with a limp, which made my hips hurt.So, in January, I decided to try chiropractic. I came in 3 days a week for the first month. I cannot believe the difference. I now take no medicine at all. He got my right leg as straight as my left. No Surgery! No Limp! Now I go see Dr. Frank once a month. I have no more pain. For the 1st time in the last 10 years I feel great. I have gone shopping for my 7 kids, their spouses, and my 20 grand children and 3 great grand-children. I can do my own housework, shop and decorate the Christmas tree. I now work 6 days a week, 8-hours a day and cook for the Life Squad 5 nights a month. I just feel good. I am now able to attend festivals and fairs and do things I have been missing out on. I owe all my thanks to Dr. Frank and the wonderful staff. P.S. I feel like I’m 40 now.

    George T.


  • During the last 6 years I have been under chiropractic care from time to time. A little over a year ago I underwent radiation treatments for breast cancer. Following that treatment my whole back ached most of the time and the only relief I could get would be to go to bed or lay flat on the floor. I do not like taking pain medication and only used Advil, which dulled the pain but did not relieve it totally. Over the next few months my back continued to get worse and other symptoms began to appear. I could not stand for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I could not bend over to pick anything up. I could not walk more than a few feet at a time. I even had trouble sitting in a chair. My left knee, which had been a problem off and on for a couple of years, became more of a problem. Also, I could not turn my head around far enough to be able to back my car up in the driveway.I suffered with these conditions for six months and during that time moved my residence to the Schaumburg area. After a month, I decided I could not stand the pain and incapacitation any longer and went to Elixir Wellness Center. At the center, I was given an exam wherein several problems were discovered and treatments were begun. I felt some relief after the first treatment, but continued adjustments along with acupuncture treatments over the next few months brought total improvement. In addition,   I have also been in the rehabilitation program (strength training) for my back and knee which has reinforced the adjustments and massage therapy to the point that I no longer have pain anywhere!I have been under Dr. Monica’s care for the last 7 months, and for the first time in a couple of years, I am pain-free. Without thinking recently, I was backing my car up and realized that I had turned my head around to fully look out the back window and I did not experience any pain or stiffness. I was so surprised that I had done that, I sat in my car for a couple of minutes trying to absorb the fact that I could back my car up in the normal way.Dr. Monica and Dr. Frank have brought me back to a life without pain and with freedom of movement that I haven’t experienced in a number of years. I have always been a positive type person, but as with everyone else, living in pain and unable to function normally can be a very depressing existence.I highly recommend Elixir Wellness Center, and I plan to continue to receive chiropractic and acupuncture care whenever necessary and follow the exercise program at home that has been suggested to me in order to maintain my new-found pain-free life.I want to thank, Dr. Monica and Dr. Frank and their excellent staff for caring enough to help me get my health back; for being cheerful and positive and supportive as I have gone through this process; and, for lifting my spirits and keeping me laughing when all I wanted to do was give up and quit. As a result, I feel healthy and younger.

    Kristine T.


  • One year ago, I sought out Dr. Monica Talebnia at Elixir Wellness Centre in pursuit of an alternative cure to a persistent hacking cough and hoarseness that drove acquaintances to continually inquire after my health. It was both uncomfortable and embarrassing. At sixty-one, I had a long history of chiropractic treatment that mitigated and ultimately resolved spinal subluxation and sciatic pain; and I had had a full left hip replacement. While I was grateful for the surgery, though, I had gained a personal appreciation for alternative medicine and had grown increasingly suspect of traditional medicine. Overcoming initial fears of this new [for me] world of acupuncture, I have been elated to find that this so-called alternative medicine was far more powerful and effective than I could have dreamt. In the first few months of acupuncture treatment by Dr. Monica, I experienced an enormous new level of energy and was completely freed from several lifetime conditions including constipation, bloating, excessive coughing and hoarseness, and frequent stress headaches. I stopped falling asleep as soon as the sun went down. Miraculously, I was also able to reduce by half the number of cigarettes I smoke each day - without gaining a single pound. In fact, I believe I lost a little weight by eschewing sugary foods. And, yes, I believe I'm on my way to a smoking-free life. For the first time in years, I was able to think more clearly and laugh more easily, having been freed of discomfort and constant worry over these chronic conditions. I consume no medication - prescription or otherwise. Then one day in late 2010, I looked in the mirror and decided it was time to extend my trust in Dr. Monica to tackle my aging, drooping face. I began a course of cosmetic acupuncture with utter confidence, and once again, Dr. Monica quite literally changed my life. One look in the mirror after my first treatment was all I needed to charge ahead through the remaining 9 sessions. I've never considered myself much of a beauty; but I no longer see a tired old woman in the mirror, and it's remarkably easy to summon a smile to a face no longer burdened with sadness, exhaustion and stress. I've made peace with my face. How could this be? We "women of a certain age" read about or maybe even know others who have subjected themselves to costly and painful cosmetic surgery and botox injections with mixed results and, often, regret. I have to ask myself why anyone would want to do that to themselves. To be clear, I attribute these incredible results not just to the ancient art of acupuncture, but more specifically to Dr. Monica's deep understanding of its efficacy and her gently astute application of the breadth of ancient medicinal wisdom. In the hands and voice and wisdom of this extraordinary woman, the combination of acupuncture and diet and selective supplementation on top of my long standing regimen of daily exercise, I have my life back. So, while I am one year older than when I embarked on this gratifying journey , I sure don't look it - and I am so much the wiser. I continue to receive weekly acupuncture treatments and occasionally indulge myself with luxuriously therapeutic massage by the talented Sara Shafer - and I see no end in sight to this most gratifying arrangement. It's no wonder that I carry and readily dispense Elixir business cards to friends and strangers alike at any opportunity. For, if I share one thing with Dr. Monica, it is the desire to help everyone I meet to feel good about themselves.

    Nina F.


  • I owe my new life to Dr. Monica. I went to see her about a year ago to help with anxiety and stress. She changed my life. I no longer take pills that make me feel like a zombie or eat away at my stomach.Dr. Monica is extremely knowledgeable, and I notice results each time I see her. I was very interested in understanding more about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and the points that she was focusing on for me. She recommended books and websites, and has taught me so much during each treatment. Dr. Monica also recommends herbs to help my treatment as well as teas and certain foods. She is truly all about understanding and treating your entire self - not just one issue. The treatment rooms are so calming and always filled with soft meditating music. Its easy to relax, even when you have needles all over your body. I welcome my appointments every week, as I always feel so renewed and refreshed each time.

    Amy S.