Dr. Monica Talebnia:

Dr. Monica earned her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from The National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL. She is board certified in Acupuncture; carries both a B.S. and Masters in Biology; and has completed numerous training programs in the field of nutrition and functional medicine. Based on this diverse education and lengthy practitioner experience, Dr. Monica practices whole care, integrating physical and lifestyle strategies into personalized treatment for her clients.

Dr. Monica was drawn to acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition as the modalities to help her patients by optimizing their inner and outer health. She specializes in hormonal balancing for female and male patients, helping them with their weight loss journey and utilizing traditional eastern medicine healing in aesthetic treatments. Dr. Monica approaches wellness as a collaborative art with the patient, providing them with options and actions that can be incorporated into day‐to‐day living. Practices are also used as preventative care, supporting the maintenance of good health. She encourages patients to find inspiration and liberation in the fact that each can take actions every day to support their own well‐being. Good health, she believes, is more than “perfect cholesterol scores.” Her primary goal as a practitioner is to create awareness of the elements that lead to a good and happy life -- a balance that exists in mental, physical, financial, spiritual, family, relationship, career and social fitness known as the web of wellness. Dr. Monica is an empowering practitioner who listens to patients, helping them to define their personal goals and then helping to define a path to achievement. And in these shared journeys, the beauty of positive energy returns the favor of empowerment back to her.

Dr. Monica Talebnia was featured on WGN9 Medical Watch on the topic of alternative beauty with cosmetic acupuncture in 2008. She and her husband, Dr. Frank Antikidis, have two energetic and vibrant children, Noah and Sofia, who they enjoy every minute of life. She enjoys working out, creating healthy meals for her family, modeling and acting; and believes you can be and do anything you want as long as you are not creating disharmony in universal energy.

“My greatest strength is my ability to listen and empower my patients to become confident captains of their own ship. Let me help you achieve your best self.”