Let the Healing begin...

Like any good doctor, Dr. Frank Antikidis isn’t going to simply ask you where and what hurts. He's going to do some investigation.

On your first visit, we will take a thorough medical history and might have to take x-rays of your problem area. Then, we will talk about your and how it correlates with what you’re experiencing. We will then perform a thorough orthopedic and neurologic exam and will discuss how it correlates on your condition.

After your assessment, we recommend a course of treatment, and figure out what makes sense for your time and budget. We are in-network with BCBS of Illinois and accept most auto and worker’s comp insurance. We have made our services affordable for cash-patients.

Throughout your treatment, we will identify and suggest changes to everyday habits that are challenging your condition. Many times simple lifestyle changes and daily practices—some as easy as stretching your head back a few times a day—can reduce pain and accelerate the healing process. We also have patients bring in a picture of their work station for ergonomic assessments.

If you’re ready to uncover and treat your painful conditions, contact us today.

If you’re in pain...There are four things you better know before you make the right choice...

1) Many offices are not equipped to handle all areas of treatment, such as Sports and kids injuries, auto accidents, work related injuries, chronic back, headaches, neck or related pain.

2) Almost no other office offers modern alternative healing treatments for fibromyalgia, women’s health, digestive issues, insomnia, infertility, weight loss, stress and non- surgical cosmetic treatments for face and body.

3) Your treatment may require sophisticated physical therapy, advanced muscle rehabilitation, deep tissue massage, manipulation, acupuncture/acupressure, traditional Chinese medicine and nutritional therapy.

Be sure you choose a wellness center that offers these alternative medicine services.

4) Many offices do not focus on each patient with enough individual attention and assessment.

Be certain you choose a center that recognizes that no two patients respond to the same treatment in the same way.

Manual Treatments

You’re lying on the adjustment table. Dr. Frank palpates & gently feels your spine for misalignments and sore spots.   You will receive a 10-20 minute therapeutic massage to loosen up any tightness and increase blood flow in the area. He will then manipulate and seconds later you feel relief, relaxation, and feel great . Dr. Frank restores alignment and provides pain relief, while minimizing the damage done when they were in an improper position. Pain relief is our first priority; we will work to keep the bones aligned for long term relief and correction.

Most patients feel relief after their very first treatment. In time, a course of manipulations works to optimize your posture, which will reduce pressure on your nerves and eliminate your pain.


At Elixir Wellness Centre, we believe that anyone can improve his or her total body health through our chiropractic approach. Whether you’re experiencing acute, pulsing pain from a specific injury, or more subtle long-term pain like chronic headaches or numbness, chiropractic offers a drug-free, noninvasive alternative to traditional medicine. Contact us if you suffer from:

  • Back and neck pain

  • Numbness or tingling in the arms/hands, legs/feet

  • Chronic headaches and migraines

  • Stiff limbs and limited range of motion

  • Chronically tense muscles in the back and core

  • Upper back stress and pain (common from long term computer use)

  • Anterior head-carriage syndrome

  • Pain shooting through the buttock down the leg (sciatica)

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Elbow pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Scoliosis pain relief

  • Flat feet

Our Philosophy

Finding the right Specialist in the Chicagoland area can be a pain in the neck! We are here to relieve that pain (as a chiropractic manipulation should). Dr. Frank’s 15 years of professional and knowledgeable work will have you feeling brand new and pain-free.  Dr. Antikidis has founded his practice on foundational principles that has made his office stand out in the crowd of those offering chiropractic manipulations to the Chicagoland area and for good reason.

At Elixir Wellness Centre, we offer:

  • Acute pain-relief care and treatment.

  • Corrective care (addressing the problem(s) that caused the pain).

  • Maintenance/preventative care once the corrective process is improved as much as possible.

  • Exercise prescription and recommendation

Dr. Antikidis educates his patients about their own body’s weaknesses, such as rounded shoulders, forward head carry, too much arch (swayback) or too little arch (flat-back), and then gives them a treatment protocol for in and out of the office. This includes structurally improving each patient’s physical weaknesses via in-office treatments and at-home exercises and guidelines. Dr. Antikidis has a complete conscious awareness and understanding of each patient’s unique situation and level of health, so they may continue to improve their posture, eliminating and/or preventing pain.

At Elixir Wellness Centre, we help you understand how your body works, so you may get out and stay out of pain. Contact us today to show you something different!