Elixir Acu-smooth: a true cellulite reduction!

Are you terrified every time you put on your swimsuit? Do you feel like hiding under a rock at the beach? The worst thing is you are also embarrassed even around your husband or boyfriend, the people that love and know you best. You’ve got to do something about your cellulite problem. Stop hiding and face it once and for all.

Elixir Acu-smooth is a safe, natural way to help eliminate cellulite. Even though cellulite affects your outward appearance, it appears in the deeper layer of your skin. That's why external treatments like topical creams cannot effectively deal with the problem.

Elixir Acu-smooth deals with cellulite at its source, by nourishing connective skin tissues from within. This is an intensive treatment designed to cleanse and improve circulation, as well as, firm and improve skin tone focusing on problem areas. With the help of acupuncture you will notice smoother feeling legs and a firmer looking appearance in your skin. According to Chinese medical theory, cellulite is related to a condition of excess dampness or mucous in the body. Deficient spleen energy, causing poor digestive function, is often the root cause of both over-weight and cellulite.

A combination of dieting and exercise is a good strategy to eliminate cellulite, but cellulite deposits are locked away and cannot be readily used for fuel. This is why Elixir Acu-smooth improves metabolic function by:

  • Detoxifies tissues
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes elimination of fat and cellulite
  • Smoothes and firms ski

The Elixir Acu-smooth must be tailored individually since each person requires a different balancing of energies.

Again, with this technique you can achieve the desired result within 10-12 treatments by helping the body from inside and out-side.

Elixir Acu-smooth includes insertion of tiny acupuncture needles coupled with micro-current electro current stimulation, as well as, cupping and deep tissue massage with every treatment and a recommended dose of an herb/ natural medicine to help the body with digestive and immunity.